Here you can find the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Why should I use NoMarketPlace.com?

NoMarketPlace.com is a search-engine for Amazon. Here you can search for articles whereas offers of third-party-sellers (MarketPlace) are filtered and not shown.

Why should third-party-sellers get filtered?

This is something you have to decide yourself. To get your personal decision, here are some pros and contras:

  • Pro:
    • Third-party-sellers have mostly higher shipping rates than Amazon.
    • You have the better feeling to order something directly at Amazon and not at a third-party-seller you don't know.
    • The handling after the order is different for each third-party-seller. On the other hand, you will have the same handling at each order on Amazon.
  • Contra:
    • Some articles can only get bought from a third-party-seller. For this case, you can just turn off the filter at the advanced option of NoMarketPlace.com

What's the best way to use NoMarketPlace.com?

You can add NoMarketPlace.com to your browser. NoMarketPlace.com is using for this the standard 'OpenSearch'. Just click on one of the following links: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera

What's the benefit of using the single categories?

With the default setting you can search in all categories at once. This type of search could take more time, than the search in a specific category.

Wie werden die Ergebnisse dargestellt?

Es werden standardmäßig 10 Ergebnisse dargestellt, was aber in den erweiterten Optionen geändert werden kann.

Is NoMarketPlace.com for free?

NoMarketPlace.com is a free service for everyone.

Is there any difference to a normal shopping-tour on Amazon?

The shown prices are the original prices of Amazon. A partner-id is added to each link to Amazon, so that Amazon can identify where the links come from. This has no consequence for you.

Where can I find such cute icons like NoMarketPlace.com ist using?

NoMarketPlace.com is using the icons of MouseRunner.com.