Felco FEL7 Model 7 Classic Secateurs

Felco FEL7  Model  7 Classic Secateurs

Title: Felco FEL7 Model 7 Classic Secateurs

Category: Garden & Outdoors

Label: Felco

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The Felco 7 Orcharding and Garden secateurs is best used for cutting tasks in your garden. It is best suited for twigs and plants with a diameter not larger than 2.5 cm.

The box contains the garden and orcharding secateur that is equipped with a wire cutting notch and a sap groove.

The shear provides a clean and precise cut for twigs and other plant parts up to a diameter of 25 mm.

The one-hand pruning shear has an ergonomic design through a hand and wrist protection and an optimisation of the force by a revolving handle. Furthermore it is equipped with a non-slip coating.

The sturdy handles are made of forged aluminium whereas the blade and the screw-mounted anvil blade are fabricated out of high-quality hardened steel-



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