Browser integration

You can add into your browser to have an easier way to search for articles on Amazon.

You have the choice between two possibilities:

  • as search engine within your browser
  • as a bookmarklet as search engine within your browser

You can integrate into your browser as a search engine. is using the open standard 'OpenSearch'. You can use the known way using the standard-functionality of your browser, or just click your link:


The bookmarklet of

A bookmarklet (or favelet) is a bookmark with extended functionality. The bookmarklet of lets you search in Amazon from any website you are visiting.

You need to do the following steps:

  1. Save this link as a bookmark.
    You need just a right click and a click (depending on your browser) on "Add to bookmarks" or "Add to favorites".
  2. Select one or more words on any website.
  3. Choose the bookmarklet.